The Negative Aspect of Pro Bodybuilding

There is a lot of talk about pro bodybuilding and the dangers of this sport. No longer is it a field where those who work out the hardest and take the best care of their bodies are the ones who win the competitions. Too much of pro bodybuilding has become who can afford the best drug supplements to artificially and quickly build muscle mass. Some bodybuilders will tell you that they hate taking all these drugs but that they have no choice, as it is the commonest way for most pros to bulk up before a competition. They will also tell you that although few will acknowledge the number of drug supplements being taken, fewer still will deny it.

Pro bodybuilding requires competitors to continue to bulk up and so many of these competitors will say that what they expect them to look like has gone from muscular to grotesque. In a year these guys are going to add twenty pounds of bulk to their frames. The only way to win is to keep bulking up. Very few of them take healthy supplements since vitamins will not give them what they need.

The issue in pro bodybuilding is that many of the things that are being taken are not traceable in drug testing. The bodybuilders know what can be found and what is more easily hidden. They are prepared to shift what they use so that it will not be detected at the competition they are entering even if it means stopping one medication for a few weeks.

A lot of these bodybuilders will tell you that they are concerned about the long-term effects on their bodies. They inject drugs daily to accomplish this goal and are told by their doctors that their blood pressure is too high and their thyroids are damaged.

Many of those into pro bodybuilding will tell you that they would like to see it return to the days of winning competitions being based on how much exercise time you put into your body. They would like to see when eating right, and a lot of eating was one of the main things that helped you build muscle. But most will say they think it is too late. They feel that the sport may have to first implode on itself before they are able to return to what pro bodybuilding was originally all about; doing your best.